James Anthony "Tony" Griggs

Worships the Porcelain God

Albertville, Alabama


This is Tony when he had just a little bit to much Desmond & Duff Scotch and was in 1980

We've lost track of Tony....  If he or one of his friends finds this we would like for you or him to email us. 

Hey, with friends like us, who needs enemies, right?

Update 01-26-06

From my server logs.  Maybe Tony found this page..... (State Of Alabama Information Services Division)  

Alabama, Montgomery, United States,
1 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
26th January 2009 15:28:49 www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=james anthony griggs&aq=f&oq=


Well, this page has been up for a few years now, and still no info on Tony.  Maybe he will stumble across this in a vanity search and let us know what has happened to him. 

This page does get a few hits........   Maybe soon. 

Update.... 06/04/2010  Still no info....

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